dimanche 7 avril 2013

It's been a while

So friends of mine are traveling around Europe and they are writing their blog and it made me realize I haven't been writing mine in a LONG while.

I'll soon have to change the name of the blog to something like Chantal's world adventure as I will be leaving for New Zealand soon. Before I go, I still have a few travels planned.

I just got back from a trip to Sweden and Denmark. It was quite a cool trip, although a bit cold. But hey, i'll never say no to an opportunity to travel.

I stayed with a friend in Sweden, in the city of Malmö, only 20 minutes from Copenhagen. It's really cute, but not so big. I was able to see the museums and the city in one day. We went to a crazy museum with no particular order or sense to it. You walk in and see stuffed animals, then have sections on giving birth, an aquarium, paintings and a special exhibit on toys form the 70s...

The other museum had quite cool things like a submarine that you can actually go into, planes, trains and automobiles and a cool interactive section with experiments you can try including a brain wave game where you need to relax to win.

Copenhagen took a little more time to visit. We went walking around the city, did a boat tour, went to the aquarium, went into some museums. It's really a beautiful city with beautiful buildings.

It was a little confusing with the money though. Waking up in Sweden and having to use swedish money, then going to Copenhagen and using danish money and coming back to Sweden in the evening.

One thing that was really cool though (well cool after living in Germany for so long). We were able to buy groceries on Easter Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And not even before like 2 pm!! It's quite amazing after being used to only buying anything Monday to Saturday until 8 pm and never on public holidays.

Now just over a month before my trip to Spain with my parents!